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Zambia Update #5

Zambia Update #5

Hi everyone,

We’d like to share a very special story with you that we received from Esther Makandawire, the director of the Needs Care Center.

Lizy is 26 years old and a mother of two children. She lives with her parents. She was divorced 2 years ago. She did not complete high school, but got pregnant in eleventh grade. Life has never been easy for Lizy.because of getting pregnant while at school. Here in Zambia if a girl gets pregnant while at school, she is very shamed. The culture here means she has to be isolated, and at times even discriminated against by friends.They think she can pass on her foolish acts to them. Although Lizy did get married, after four years she was divorced. This really made her life worse, as there was no one to support her and her children. When we introduced the tailoring school Lizy was among the first student to enroll. She has finished her courses, and she is sewing clothing for both men, women and children. Now through her sales she’s earn a living.

Lizy is quoted saying,

“Thank you very much, you kind people from America for giving me this skill in tailoring. I am now able to make money to support my children. I have managed to get my first born child George into school. I am getting orders from people within the community, and I sell at a reasonable price. Thank you Lord that I have been empowered and I can not starve any more, I can manage to give my children two meals a day, and buy soap and lotion. God, bless you all who worked hard in order to support us here in Zambia with tailoring skills.”

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