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Atelier Angels Program Overview

Atelier, pronounced a-tali-a, means workshop or workroom. Join us and become a workshop angel –
help make the sewing cooperative a vibrant and exciting place to combat extreme poverty.

Join Us As An Atelier Angel

Together we can serve the least of these in Jesus name with good jobs, so they can impact their community.

Program Participants Benefits

A Beautiful Gift Pack

We have a beautiful collection of Renaissance Ribbons and a small gift that are perfect for embellishing your purses. Each Atelier Angels giving at the $49 level, or those who sign-up at that level will receive this gift valued at $50 USD [while supplies last]

Seamstress Prayer Guides

Atelier Angels receive regular weekly prayer guide that features a specific seamstress in our program. You'll get to know her name and story and even see a brief video. We hope these are a blessing and allow you to pray more effectively for our staff.

Special Calls & Meetings

Atelier Angels giving at the Sapphire Level will be invited to attend special meet a seamstress calls, hear her testimony, and ask questions. This will be an intimate time of sharing, encouragement, and prayer.

Atelier Angels Monthly Giving Program

Join Us At The
Emerald Level

$ 49/ month


Join Us At The
Sapphire Level

$ 99/ month


How Your Gifts Help Us


Our leadership team at the cooperative currently includes a master seamstress, a master knitter, and a project manager. With your help we’ll continue to grow the team so that together they can serve more children in their community and strengthen their program. Our staffing budget also ensures we can pay our cooperative members a good amount for their piece-work.


With your help we pay the rent, make upgrades, and do our best to keep it nice. Someday we’ll need our own building – and your help will be vital.


Sewing rooms have constant equipment needs, from machines to tools – the cornerstone of a good sewing studio is the quality of the equipment. By giving monthly you help us constantly work to improve the equipment available in the workshop.

Atelier Angels FAQs

Q. What is a Sew Powerful Atelier Angel?

A. An Atelier Angel is a monthly recurring giver to the Sew Powerful Purse Program. Over the years we’ve recommended different giving levels, currently we have two levels: Emerald level givers contribute at the $49 per month amount. Sapphire level givers contribute at the $99 a month amount.

Q. What are ways to become an Atelier Angel?

A. Begin making a monthly contribution using this giving page:

Q. Can I up-grade my giving to a higher level?

A. Yes. This is done by canceling your current Atelier Angel monthly contribution via your PayPal account and signing up at the new/higher contribution amount.

Q. Can I give more than $99 a month? / Is there a level above the Sapphire level?

A. You can join the program at any level of giving. Simply use this link and select your giving amount, then select, “make this a monthly recurring gift”.

Q. What Do You Receive When You Join the Program:

A. There are several ways we recognize Atelier Angels:

  • A welcome packet with a letter and stickers that you can use when you mail in your purses. They’ll identify you as an Atelier Angel.
  • Access to the Atelier Angels online newsletter with seamstress biographies and information on how best to pray.
  • Sapphire Level donors are also invited to special “meet-a-seamstress” zoom meetings where you can get to hear the personal testimony of a seamstress, ask questions, and pray together with other donors and staff members.

Q. How do I cancel my participation?

A. To cancel your current Atelier Angel monthly contribution, you log into your PayPal account and end the subscription. If you have any trouble, you can always email us at