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Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today

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People Of Hope

We’re on a mission to offer hope and opportunities.

Help Provide Hope!

We’re on a mission to offer hope and opportunities.

Sew Powerful

Sew Powerful is a Christian ministry that exists to employ and empower people to pursue life in all its fullness. We do that by creating purposeful products that change communities-things like school uniforms, reusable hygiene pads, soap, and farm fresh food.

In Zambia, we employ our team with good paying jobs. Everywhere else in the world, we ask our team members to serve as volunteers. This allows us to have an incredibly low overhead rate of under 5%. You can give with confidence knowing that we are careful stewards of the funds we receive.

Women And Girls Empowerment

123,559 Purses Collected

A Sew Powerful Purse provides a girl with the hygiene supplies she needs to stay in school all month, even on her period. Thousands are waiting.  


741,354 Weeks of School Enabled

One purse helps the average girl reclaim 6 weeks of school a year. Academic success is improved.


96 Staff in Zambia

Our passion is creating jobs to produce purposeful products like reusable hygiene pads. Our team members do well by doing good - and their households are transformed.


1,431 Volunteers from Around the World

Our mission is made possible by the generous donation of time from volunteers around the world. It's a foundational part of all we do.

Recent Donors & Partners

2023 Ministry Impact Report

Over the last few weeks, we’ve finalized our 2023 ministry impact numbers, and I want to share them with you. I also want to extend a huge “Thank You”

Christ-Centered Widows

51,000 people in the community where we work are on HIV/AIDS Anti-Retroviral therapy pills (according to the local health clinic nurse).

Christ-Centered Girls Empowerment: 9 Lessons From Zambian Practitioners

Since 2015 we've served over 100,000 girls with our Christ-Centered Girls Empowerment program in Zambia.

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Every Purse Helps Change A Life