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Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today
Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today

Purse Collectors

Please Join Us

We are THRILLED you are interested in becoming an Official Sew Powerful Purse Collection Site. Our hope is that this partnership will bring many new repeat customers into your establishment and that Sew Powerful will gain additional purse makers because of the convenience of taking their purses to a trusted collection site within their community.

Your participation in this program is a big help in supporting Sew Powerful’s work to break the cycle of poverty through education and employment, empowering women and girls in the African country of Zambia. Sew Powerful co-founder Cinnamon Miles explains the program in this quick 90 second video HERE.

Get Your Window Clings

The emblem pictured at the left is our Official Sew Powerful Purse Collection Site window cling. Businesses that enroll will receive two 5” window clings to display on their glass door or window. In addition, when you submit your enrollment form linked below, by return email, you will receive a Certificate of Gratitude, suitable for displaying in your business as a further reminder to your customers of our partnership. We also provide a printable sign you can display on your counter or on your purse collection receptacle.

How it Works

The program works like this once you enroll:

  1. Your business name, address, and hours will appear on the Sew Powerful webpage HERE. We will even create a link to your website.
  2. When purse makers bring in a bundle of their finished purses, we ask that you store them in a clean, safe, dry place.
  3. If you like, display 2 or 3 purses as samples, but please forward these purses to Sew Powerful in your next scheduled shipment.
  4. We request that you ship collected purses at least 2 times per year. Locations within the United States, can take advantage of Sew Powerful's partnership with Give Back Box, to ship up to 90 pounds of purses via UPS for the flat rate of $20 per box.

Are you ready to join our global movement to empower women and girls?

Join us today as an Official Sew Powerful
Purse Collection Site!