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Zambia Update #4

Zambia Update #4

As you probably remember we did a special project with our Fall 2010 Line to bless 40 Zambian Seamstresses with training and supplies, (including several industrial sewing machines). They have formed a cooperative to help the orphans in their community – all centered around a very special place called the Needs Care Center. Anyway, we actually over-funded the project, (thanks to your amazing support), and with the left over funds they purchased desks for the school.

Yesterday we got this nice note (and pictures) from the students – and we wanted to share it with YOU, because if you purchased from Liberty Jane in the Fall of 2010, then you helped make this possible…

“The Grade four in class using the just bought desks from the money that was donated. We as grade four pupils of Needs Care school we are saying thank you so much for the wonderful donation, we used to write on our thigh, but today we are more than happy to have these nice desks. We say thank you, and God bless you.”


Needs Care Center Pupils

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