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In The Gardens Of God

In this powerful new book, the Authors of We Are Sew Powerful, Jason and Cinnamon Miles, offer practical community development strategies and clear thinking regarding the church's role in serving orphans and widows.

Get your copy of In The Gardens Of God today and awaken your soul to God's love to serve the least of these in powerful new ways.

Top Reviews For In The Gardens Of God

A framework for making a difference in people living in improvised communities

In the Garden of God: Cultivating Hope in Hard Places provides a thought-provoking framework to developing projects and partnerships with communities that can lead to permanent changes and betterment of the participants. The Tikodane Garden Project as well as the other ministries of Sew Powerful (the seamstresses, 3 Esthers Farm, etc.) are excellent case studies of how the principles developed in this book can successfully change lives and provide a transformation in desperate communities such as Ngombe Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. It’s a “must read” for those in leadership of missions and non profit organizations as well as individual donors who want to make a difference.

J. Iwamoto, United States

Cultivating hope in hard places - indeed! Helping the poor with utmost integrity

I would encourage every person who wants to help the poor in Jesus' name to read this book. I’ve known Jason and his wife for many years. I support their organization Sew Powerful and 3 Esthers Farm and what they do for those in extreme poverty. With selfless hearts they have given of themselves to reach those in extreme need. This book challenged my thinking and hopefully will challenge yours as well. It sheds light on how and why a charitable organization needs to work, to help the poorest of the poor with integrity — funding their ministry with creative employment instead of donor dollars. I’m excited about their latest program: The Tikondane Gardens and what they continue to do to help those in the Ngombe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia.

Nita, United States

Practical and inspiring

I expected a story about helping teens plant backyard gardens to help feed needy families. That was a small part of what the book was about. What I hadn’t expected was the look at how charities can operate to be most effective and how I can evaluate my participation. I already liked the Sew Powerful and 3 Esthers Farm Zambia ministries described in the book, but after reading “In the Gardens of God,” I gained a great respect for Jason and Cinnamon and the way they operate. The book is a practical mix of a philosophy of charity, on-the-ground stories and examples, and ways I could best get involved. Definitely a worthwhile read.

Bonnie, United States

Uplifting book: making a difference 1 person at a time

This book tells the story of an amazing gardening project in Zambia. The "worst slum in Zambia" is not where you would expect to hear about successful backyard gardens! It shows how determination and positivity can be life changing, both for the gardeners and those who are receiving regular fresh food. Small steps, simple ideas... which have AMAZING results! I am planning to share this book with my church gardening team!

Pat, United Kingdom

Another life-changing project from Sew Powerful!

As a donor to and pursemaker for Sew Powerful during the last two years, I always felt I could trust Jason and Cinnamon Miles to make good use of my money and efforts. After reading this book, I now know why I felt that way. This book offers an thought-provoking deep dive into poverty and how charitable organizations should proceed while trying to make a positive impact on the lives of people in need. If you want to make a difference in the world, start by reading this book!

Julie, United States

Learned a LOT from this book!

I had the privilege of traveling to Zambia and seeing the Gardens of God in person. Jason Miles' brilliance in not only devising this program but successfully implementing is an inspiration. Take his advice on how to address poverty. He has the education, background, and research chops to know what he is talking about. A great read. So even though I had been there in person, I learned a lot from the book as well. This would make a great gift for a gardener friend, pastor, or anyone working to build a program to eradicate poverty.

Jan, United States

Inspiring success in helping a group in extreme poverty!

I have been following this mission for several years, admiring their well thought practical efforts to address problems of poverty. I was excited about a book that describes an effort that involves and educates teen boys who in turn teach gardening skills to people who have no regular source of food. But the book is so much more! It shows the whys and hows and the blessings of helping people learn a skill that can support them, and that they can use to help others.

Cora, United States

Allowing people to change their circumstances and improve the lives of all round about

I was privileged to read a pre-release copy, and also purchased a Kindle copy. There was not a lot about the actual physical gardens but, there was a great deal of information on how to set about the business of mission to help others. I really like the way Bible verses are the first thoughts followed by the facts. A bit technical in places perhaps, but overall, I think the book portrays the gardening process well as these gardeners are all about planting God's love and hope into hearts through cultivation of change. Although small in size this book will give you much food for thought.

Jeane, Australia

Awesome read!

The Lord spoke to me through this book. This book was a blessing to read. The stories and the impact that Jason and his team has done to serve others in need. He really answered the call... such an inspiration. May God continue to use you and bless everyone in whom you come in contact with.

T.W., United States

Make a difference wherever you are with whatever you have

Thought provoking, challenging and inspirational. As this book shows, poverty is complicated and multi-layered. And then something as simple as teenagers and backyard gardens burst through the complexity. The perfect read for those who think too simplistically about poverty, as well as those who may feel stymied by the challenges. The message: Make a difference wherever you are with whatever you have.

Dana, United States

We Are Sew Powerful

With contributions from seamstresses around the world, We Are Sew Powerful explains the mission, vision and values of Sew Powerful, an innovative non-profit that is combating extreme poverty through purposeful products that empower educational achievement.

In We Are Sew Powerful, Jason and Cinnamon Miles take you on a journey around the world as they meet seamstresses and launch their struggle to help moms and daughters have a better life in Ngombe Compound – the worst urban slum in Zambia. From Romania, to Honduras, to Zambia – discover the reason behind their unique ministry and their crusade to keep girls in school by mobilizing seamstresses to make a difference.

All proceeds from We Are Sew Powerful will go directly to support the Sew Powerful programs so with your purchase, you’re changing lives!

Top Reviews For We Are Sew Powerful

Can a seamstress combat extreme poverty? YES!

Surprisingly, only 40% of Americans hold a passport and millions may never leave the US. But millions more Americans desire to help others who are less fortunate than they. We Are Sew Powerful illustrates a wonderful way for seamstresses to give a small gift with a huge impact to a girl they will probably never meet in a country most of us will never travel to. Sew Powerful harnesses the creativity of seamstresses all over the world to make a purse that is sent to Zambia, filled with reusable sanitary supplies, and given to a girl to help her stay in school during her period. But it is so much more!

Girls in the developing world who have more education marry later, earn more income, have babies later in life, have healthier babies - so many statistics that are only words on the page until you meet the girls at the Needs Care School. I had the privilege of meeting them last summer - Agnes, Kristina, Rachel, Joy, and many more girls who want the same thing girls all over the world want - health, education, enough food and safe shelter.

We Are Sew Powerful tells the story of people taking action to combat extreme poverty in an innovative way. Included in the book is a wonderful 7-day devotional to help the reader experience the Needs Care School in light of what God may be calling them to do there or elsewhere - maybe even not so far from home.

Torey, United States

Keeping girls in school one purse at a time

I was fortunate to visit Zambia and participate in the distribution of purses - they are changing lives! This book not only chronicles the purse project from inception to reality, but offers resources for organizations and individuals wishing to organize sewing groups for making these valuable purses. First hand accounts of the difference these small purses make in the lives of young women in Africa, as well as the people who sew them, will move you to tears. Jason and Cinnamon are such dedicated and motivating founders and you will find their enthusiasm and passion inspirational. After reading the book, you'll want to sew up a batch of purses (warning - you won't be able to stop at just one!) and keep a young girl in school.

Karen, United States

Sew Powerful is changing lives! Watch out, this book will change you!

What a beautiful read! Sew Powerful is obviously a organization that cares deeply about the needs of others, but especially the poor. As I read through the stories in this book about the lives that had been touched, at times I had tears streaming down my face. You will be impacted in some way when you read this. It left me with a hunger to do more, to live more purposefully, and to seek out ways to spread the word about Sew Powerful. This little ministry is changing the world in huge ways. There is no way you can miss that God has been with them every step of the way and continues to pour out his grace in beautiful ways. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this work by holding a purse-making event and contributing my thoughts in this book on how you can host your own event as well. It has given me a sense of ownership. A desire to do what I can to bless the girls and the people of Ngombe, but what I didn't realize is how much a people group that I have never met would bless me. This book is definitely worth your time!

Terah, United States

A life-changing story!

In 2009 Jason and Cinnamon Miles started a grassroots charity in Lusaka, Zambia that is changing the lives of thousands of children at the Needs Care School, as well as the lives of mothers who are improving their livelihood through a sewing cooperative. Volunteer seamstresses from all over the world joyfully and enthusiastically make and donate purses to help the Zambian girls stay in school. Miraculously, land was donated and a farm started to provide more food for the students! Read the compelling story of the amazing work God is doing through Sew Powerful!

J. Paul, United States

Fantastic story of this wonderful project, a must read

I found this project in 2015 looking for ways to sew for charity and had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. I made 25 purses the first year and was very excited to watch the unboxing party. What I did not realize is the way it would affect me. I cried and laughed and felt like a part of the team. In 2016 I somehow managed to triple the purses sent and with each one, I think about the girl who will receive them and how it will make a difference in their life. It is a very small part I can play to help with this mission. Reading the history of the project was a bonus and a motivation to continue supporting this project. I feel a connection to each purse and hope it makes a girls life a little better. While I do not know the staff personally or the sewers that chat on the Facebook page, I cannot help but feel a connection that I did not know was coming. Please join in this effort, I have no doubt you will enjoy every step of the process and watch the unboxing party, the board members do a fantastic job, highly motivational. One purse makes a difference.

Mary, United States

Inspiring read

This is a great compilation that explains the Sew Powerful purse project and lets volunteers report on their journeys to participate as well. I was especially thankful for the history, as it explained everything and answered many of the questions I had about sewing purses for Africa. It is easy to read and easy to share with others who like to sew, who want to learn or who just want to make a difference for women in this world. I wish I could hand a copy to every woman in the US who has marched for women's rights. This book is educational, uplifting and underscores the fact that women's issues are far more complicated than personal choice.

A. Webster, United States

Simple sewing meets complex needs

Reading this book opens a world totally unknown by many of us. A world of poverty, sickness, little education, and little hope. It opened my eyes and gave a simple way of helping to ease this condition through sewing purses. I can sew. My simple sewing can help meet the need of girls half way around the world and gives me the pattern to do this. I'm moved and have now purchased fabric to start sewing. What joy comes with sewing purses and meeting the need told to us through this book.

Lynda, United States

Just a simple purse can make a difference

I first learned about Sew Powerful in 2015 when I saw the sew a purse program on Facebook. I immediately downloaded the purse pattern and began sewing. I am ashamed to say that it took me a year to finish my first purse. This book challenged me to get more involved. It tore at my heart. What one person can do to help make a difference. How a purse can help a girl stay in school. How we can make a difference. Making lives better for women.

Natalie, United States

Inspiring true story

I had to go back and read it again after the trip with Sew Powerful to Zambia this past September. You honestly can't envision the circumstances until you see it for yourself. I saw first hand what the needs were and how grateful the people are for jobs, for the gardens, and those beautiful girls getting their purses! Wonderful read that will inspire you.

Jenn, United States

Sew Powerful is a wonderful way to help people in many ways

Sew Powerful is a wonderful way to help people in many ways. The girls who receive the purses stay in school and consequently raise their lifestyles and incomes, avoiding the poverty of becoming young teen brides and mothers without skills or means to support themselves. The people who sew the purses are able to use their talents to produce something meaningful and give purpose to their own lives. This book shows the why and how and when this all began to happen, and also gives information on how to participate in this world-wide effort. Very exciting!

Tenney, United States

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