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Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today
Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today

Welcome to Sew Powerful


Sew Powerful in 90 Seconds

We are so glad you are joining us. Sew Powerful is on a mission to combat extreme poverty in the African country of Zambia and we could use your help. Sewing purses for schoolgirls in Zambia is the foundation of all our volunteer activities. By making purses and writing notecards, you help girls stay in school all month long. That’s because Sew Powerful employs adults in Zambia to make the reusable feminine hygiene supplies and soap to put inside the purses. And through our Tikondane Gardens program and our affiliation with the 3 Esthers Farm, we also feed hungry children.

Learn more about Sew Powerful by using the resources below developed especially for those who are new to Sew Powerful.

Let's Get Started

Our Welcome Booklet is a great introduction to Sew Powerful. It provides all the basics. But if you want to learn more, the booklet contains many links that will allow you to explore your areas of interest. The booklet links to the Sew Powerful purse patterns and tutorials, explainer videos, podcasts, shopping, donation options, and more.

Many people buy the We Are Sew Powerful book on Amazon. However, we are offering the second edition of this very popular book in PDF format at no cost to you. Simply download the file and read it on your computer or mobile device. The book tells the origins of Sew Powerful, explains the ministry, shares touching stories from volunteers, and gives a close-up look at life in Zambia. Engaging and easy to read.

We know our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their career, education, volunteer work, and life experiences. From time to time we have special projects, and in some cases, an ongoing need for unique skills. Would you take a few minutes and share your background with us. We would love to work with you to expand Sew Powerful. There is a link to a Welcome Survey below.

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