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Pre-Enroll For The 2024 Sew Powerful Sew-A-Thon

Why Pre-Enroll?

Get Personalized Postcards

You'll receive personalized postcards to announce your plans to participate!

  • Your Name and Your Photo
  • 4 designs to keep your content fresh are sent to you via email on the dates indicated (see below)
  • Post the card in social media and/or print it and distribute it*
  • Alert your friends and family about the Sew-A-Thon
  • Prepare your supporters to make a financial donation helping you to qualify for great Sew-A-Thon prize drawing

* Instructions on how to post and/or print will come with your confirmation email when you pre-enroll.

Get News & Reminders

You'll receive Sew-A-Thon news 48 hours before general announcements!

  • Be the first to get news between now and the end of July
  • Learn about Sew-A-Thon sponsors, prizes and resources
  • Make your plans and set your goals for the Sew-A-Thon

We'll send you reminders about next steps!

  • Plan your purse making and fundraising goals
  • Complete the remainder of your enrollment when you're ready
  • Get the earliest start on raising funds to qualify for great prizes from our generous sponsors

Get Special Sew-A-Thon Benefits

* During the next trip to Zambia following the Sew-A-Thon, the 3 pre-enrolled winners will have their purses photographed with the Zambian schoolgirl who receives their purse. The winners will receive a digital image, the name of the girl, and for US Residents, an 8x10 photo.

Personalized Postcard Designs

4 Unique Messages Timed to Pique Interest – Each Personalized with Your Name and Your Photo

Postcard #1: When Pre-Enrolled

Postcard #2: June 20

Postcard #3: July 10

Postcard #4: July 24

How To Pre-Enroll

2 Easy Steps To Sign-Up

1. Have a square photo* of yourself ready on the device you will use to pre-enroll.

2. Fill out the form with your name, email address, and upload your photo.

*Tips on preparing a square photo below

What To Do After You Pre-Enroll

1. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation and your first postcard and some how-to instructions.

2. Post the postcards. Share the postcards in social media, send via email, or print and distribute them, so friends and family will become curious about the Sew-A-Thon.

3. Check your email regularly to get updates. You'll be getting emails from Sew Powerful with new postcard designs and updates about new developments in the Sew-A-Thon.

4. Plan ahead. Start planning your goals for purse making and fundraising.

5. Complete your 2024 Sew-A-Thon Enrollment. You will receive periodic emails that remind you to follow the link to complete the remainder of your Sew-A-Thon Participant Enrollment. You must complete this step to be eligible for prizes and recognitions.

Tips For Preparing A Square Photo

How To Take A Square Photo On Your Phone

1. Open the camera on your phone

2. Tap the ^ icon in the upper center portion of your screen (or swipe up on your viewfinder)

3. Tap 4:3 (that’s the default)

4. Now choose SQUARE

5. Snap your photo

How To Crop A Rectangular Photo To Be Square

1. Select the image from the photos in your phone

2. Tap the Edit button in the top right corner

3. Tap the Crop icon (it looks like a square with two arrows circling it)

4. Tap the aspect ratio at the top of the screen

5. Choose Square

6. You can pinch to crop in or out and drag the edges of the crop tool

7. Tap Done to save the cropped square photo

Ready To Pre-Enroll?

Reminder: You must complete the remainder of your Sew-A-Thon Participant Enrollment to be eligible for prizes and recognitions. You will receive email reminders with a link to complete the form.