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Service Projects

Everything you need to start your Sew Powerful Service Project

What is a Sew Powerful Service Project?

Many of our purse makers sew purses on a regular basis, either individually or as part of a chapter.  

Another way to get involved on a more limited basis is by organizing and participating in a service project. Examples of sponsoring organizations are youth groups, quilt guilds, sewing circles, church groups, businesses looking for ways to serve, and professional organizations with a mission to serve others.

Service projects are frequently short-term and often involve people coming together on a limited basis to sew purses or make notecards.

Why do a Service Project?

Sew Powerful is on a mission to combat extreme poverty in the African country of Zambia and we could use your help. Sewing purses for schoolgirls in Zambia is the foundation of all our volunteer activities. By making purses and writing notecards, you help girls stay in school all month long.

Choosing Sew Powerful as the beneficiary of your service project means we can reach even more girls who are anxious to attend school, complete their education, and break the cycle of poverty.

In addition, financial donations are used to employ, train and pay adults in Zambia to make purposeful products, such as the reusable hygiene pads and soap that go into each of your purses. This gives girls the means to attend school all month long. The local jobs in Zambia help feed and house families living in dire conditions.

Let’s Get Started

Get your free copy of the Service Project Starter Kit. We now have two versions: Our original Starter Kit is focused on organizing the Service Project and helping your volunteers learn more about Sew Powerful. It contains background information about Sew Powerful, links to the free purse patterns, links to inspirational and instructional videos, and a simple timeline to follow. Feel free to share your Starter Kit with key decision makers and members of your team.

Our newest version is the Student Edition. This Starter Kit is designed to help youth understand the plight of girls in Africa and the simple steps they can take to make a real difference. We provided links to a short, animated video, lots of photos of teens in action, the basics about Sew Powerful, and a ‘Top 10’ list of ways teens can help those in need. We even included a short lesson on conditions in Zambia and suggested discussion topics. Of course, this version is free as well.

You are welcome to request either or both versions.

We would love to see photos of your team at work. Post them in social media using #SewPowerful. We can’t wait to see your results!

Do you serve on a national or regional service project selection committee that chooses which organizations your local units will support? We would love to talk with you about Sew Powerful. Please contact Raquel Johnson, Director, Shows and Events at