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Purse Collection Sites

Purse Collection Sites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your finished Sew Powerful purses to a place in your hometown and not have to worry about or pay for shipping? We think it would be great too. That’s why we have launched a new initiative to register business locations that will serve as Sew Powerful purse collection sites.

Whenever you are ready to send your finished purses to Sew Powerful, check the bottom of this page to see if there is an Official Purse Collection Site near you.

Find a Site Near You

Check the list at the bottom of this page. If you find a near-by Official Purse Collection Site, here are your next steps:

  1. Complete a purse packing slip (Get it HERE) and indicate you are dropping off at a Purse Collection Site.
  2. Put all your completed purses and your printed packing slip in a sealed bag. In lieu of the packing slip, please include your name, address, email, and purse quantity inside your bag of purses.
  3. Take your bag of purses to the Purse Collection Site and deposit it in their purse collection receptacle. Look for the ‘Official Sew Powerful Purse Collection Site’ emblem on their shop window.
  4. While you are there, consider shopping as a thank you for providing this service to Sew Powerful.

No Site Near You? What to Do

No Purse Collection site near you? Then why not visit your favorite retail store and ask if they would like to partner with Sew Powerful to help keep girls in school and provide employment for adults in Zambia, Africa? If you need some help in knowing what to say, here are some bullet points, with a sample script to make the conversation easy. Get the script HERE.

You can learn more about the Official Purse Collection Site initiative from the ‘Purse Collectors’ page on the Sew Powerful website HERE. Direct the store personnel to the page OR you can have our Remote Purse Collection Site Manager, Judy Mitschelen, send them an informational email explaining the program benefits and how it works. Send the store contact information to

Find an Official Sew Powerful Purse Collection Site Near You HERE

For locations outside the United States, please see our list of Country Purse Collector Addresses HERE.