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Help us Complete the Sew Powerful Community Center in Ngombe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia

Sew Powerful Sewing Cooperative

Since 2013, the Needs Care School in Ngombe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia has been the home of The Sew Powerful Sewing Cooperative. In 2017, the Sew Powerful Soap Cooperative was added, also housed at the Needs Care School. The growth of these cooperatives has been a tremendous blessing, but we are hampered by one big issue – we are out of space.

Help Us Today

To finish the project we still need $15,000 to $35,000 (depending on how we finish things).
With your help we can complete the new building and begin helping even more people in Zambia.

Learn More About This Project

Earlier this year we were able to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the Needs Care School. This land has been cleared and a protective wall built around it. That was phase one. We did that privately with the help of a few donors, but without a public announcement.

Phase two is about to begin – the construction of the Sew Powerful Vocational Training Center. The upper floor of this two-story building will be the new home of the sewing cooperative. This will provide greater workspace and allow us to expand the number of seamstresses in the cooperative. The bottom floor will serve as community center and classrooms for vocational training. In Phase two the Soap Cooperative will also get a dedicated facility in a nearby building.

Phase three of the project will provide the furniture, fixtures and other resources necessary to make the vocational training center and soap cooperative spaces fully functional. As a bonus, the relocation of the sewing cooperative will allow that current space in the school to be transformed into the Needs Care School Library.

Thank You To The Amazing Quilt Of Joy Participants

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that participated in the Quilt Of Joy project. Your financial support has made it possible for us to contribute significantly to the building project.

The quilt is beautiful and will now hang proudly on the wall of the new Vocational Training Center - Sewing Room. It will serve as a reminder that Together We Are Sew Powerful.

Your continued financial support is still needed. Please prayerfully consider helping us finish the building by giving a gift toward the project. By completing this project - we are creating a beautiful space for 50 deserving sewists. They are powerfully serving their community - and it's an honor that we get to rally around them and help make their dream a reality.

Jason & Cinnamon

Project Updates

Follow along on our journey to create the new home of the Sew Powerful Sewing Cooperative

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