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I Said, “That’s For Me”

I Said, “That’s For Me”

By Vivian Sylvester—Wexford, Pennsylvania

I don’t think I have a story that is “book worthy,” but I just wanted to tell you that I am organizing a purse sewing mission project right now. My church recently moved our fair trade store to a small strip mall in our community. Our hope is that by moving the store outside of the walls of the church, we can create opportunities for many people in our local community to become involved in “doing good things.”

I believe that we all have the want and the need to make a difference. In fact, there is a sign on the store’s front door which says, “Welcome! Come in and help make a difference.” 

I first learned about the purse project as I was scouting information on sewing for my granddaughter’s American Girl doll. As a former teacher, of course, I am all for everyone having the opportunity to receive an education.

As a person who is inclined toward mission and outreach, I am all for empowering women around the world. I also was very touched when I read about each girl receiving two purses, so that if someone at home wanted one, the young girls would still have a purse for themselves so that they could attend school. When I read about such a caring and considerate ministry, I said, “That’s for me!”

My enthusiasm, as I talk about the purses, has become contagious, and we have several people ready and wanting to get sewing...I can’t wait! 

Soon, we hope to be able to send a photo of a big stack of purses ready to ship off to young schoolgirls, and we’ll be saying a prayer that they will love them.

Thank you so very much for giving girls a chance to better their lives and for giving us a wonderful project that will help our store and community make a difference.


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