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Cholera Emergency Response - Lusaka Zambia

Cholera Emergency Response - Lusaka Zambia


Dear Sew Powerful Community,

Overview: Cholera is sweeping through Lusaka and many are dying. It began in a small way last October (2023) and has spread quickly. 

As of January 17th, 2024 there have been over 10,000 formally reported cases and 400 deaths.

As you know, our primary service area is Ngombe Compound, a very needy area in Lusaka. You can help us equip and mobilize 100 Caregivers to respond to this situation within this very desperate community.

Give Now: We've set up a PayPal Giving Campaign page which you can visit here:

You can also give via check: If you want to give via check, make it payable to Sew Powerful and in the memo write: Cholera Response. 

Mailing Address:

229 Clark Avenue

Suite N

Yuba City, CA 95991

Our Goal: We’ve set up this campaign with a goal of $20,000.With your help, we can serve 2,000 households in one of the poorest communities in Lusaka - Old Ng'ombe Compound. Each household has ten people in it on average, so together we can reach 20,000 people.

Our Response: The response includes:

  1. Home visits by 100 community caregivers to share important facts about Cholera and serve their neighbors by visiting each home.
  2. Clean water and sanitations stations will be set up throughout the community at local schools. 
  3. For the sick, Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) treatment will be provided and assistance to help people get to the government response centers for additional care.

Together we can make a life-saving difference in this very poor community. Let's demonstrate the love of Christ, serve our neighbors in need, and help save lives. 

If you have specific questions feel free to email 

Thank you for praying, giving, and helping us spread the word about this urgent situation.

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