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Borehole Drilling

Borehole Drilling

Thanks to the generosity of our farm donors we’ve be able to install a borehole (well) on the farm! We are so grateful for the wonderful community of support that is gathering around this amazing project.

Having the well drilled was a first step because in many ways the well serves as the center of the farm. Everything on the farm happens based on where the water is located. Here are the pictures of the fun event…

In this picture the well drilling team locates the neighbors well and determines the placement of the Three Esthers Farm well based on that information as well as additional information about the local water conditions.

We have no idea why laundry baskets are a part of the process, (just being honest)!

The well drilling truck arrives on the property!

The Well Drilling Team begins the process.

It’s a gusher! They hit water on the 1st try!

The team caps the well so it can be finished properly with the concrete slab, pump, and water storage tank.

Esther celebrates!

We are so grateful for your ongoing support of this project. We are over halfway to our funding goal. Please join us in praying for the farm project and the precious children who desperately need food at the Needs Care Center. Together we are making a miracle happen!


Jason, David & Esther

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