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In The Hoop Purse Files in HUS Format

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The Sew Powerful ITH Cross Body purse design set creates a nearly complete 2018* purse and is a great way to use up fabric scraps with multiple in-the-hoop flap variations.

Stitching in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine not only streamlines the cutting and stitching, but also ensures the accuracy of each purse piece.

The ITH purse pieces are identical to the PDF sewing pattern pieces in size, but are conveniently stitched in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine, making it easy to embellish with machine embroidery, too!

All of the pieces of this purse design will stitch out in the 6x10 Multi-hoop, 8x12 hoop or 9.5x14 hoop, except the strap. The major seams, including the front and back side seams, the bottom seam, the lining and pocket seams, and top of back seam with the flap also stitch in-the-hoop.

On your sewing machine, you will 1) stitch the corner box pleats, 2) stitch the strap to the purse, and 3) stitch/topstitch where the lining joins the purse body.

All purse pieces and the logo may be stitched in the 6x10 multi-hoop, the 8x12 or 9.5x14 hoop or larger (the pocket can be stitched in a smaller 8x8 hoop or any hoop with a 5x7 stitch area, which might not mean a 5x7 hoop).

A special embroidered “Stitched with Love” message is optional for the inner pocket. 

Plus, an embroidered Sew Powerful logo is also optional on the flap lining.

A bonus “Stitched With Love” patch for other ITH items is included.

 Make all the ITH flap versions and mix and match with your body pieces.

Stitch yourself a Sew Powerful purse to carry wherever you go. It can serve as a conversation starter when buying purse fabric or for sharing the Sew Powerful program!

Note: The ITH construction of the purse varies slightly from the original PDF sewing pattern.