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Podcast Transcript Editor

Sew Powerful Volunteer Job Description

Podcast Transcript Editor 



Prior to publication, using artificial intelligence (AI) software, Sew Powerful transcribes the voice recordings of our podcasts into text. But the software doesn’t get everything right and sometimes even gets things hilariously wrong. We need a transcript editor to ensure that the published text of the podcast accurately reflects the audio version of the podcast.


Essential Job Functions

This volunteer position would entail listening to a 30-minute podcast recording while reading the AI-generated transcript to correct the text for spelling, punctuation, accuracy, and attributions. You will search the internet to identify unknown terms, names, geography, etc., to ensure the transcript accurately reflects the spoken word. Each session would require about 60-90 minutes, and probably less time as experience increases. Assignments are time sensitive, as one new podcast is published weekly.


Job Requirements

Familiarity with Sew Powerful, our terminology and ministry are essential. Requires a computer with internet connection; headphones would be very helpful. Proficiency in the English language, patience, good listening skills and attention to detail are necessary to successfully complete these tasks. A background in transcription (medical, dental, business) would be an advantage but not required.



A dedicated purse maker with the above listed skills will enjoy this additional way to make a significant contribution to Sew Powerful. More than one volunteer can fill this role to allow more people to participate and to reduce the number of transcripts that need to be edited by any one person.