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The Gift of Giving

Linda Chanik

Renton, WA 

Making purses for Sew Powerful this summer has been pure joy (I love the new, easier pattern)!  Twenty so far, but that’s not the story.  When I saw the email asking for stories I deleted it thinking I did not have anything special to tell.  Then I remembered a couple years back to an answered prayer that shows God’s faithfulness, perfect timing, and His clear blessing on the Sew Powerful ministry.

One Sunday I visited a church that was new to me.  That morning Jason and Cinnamon happened to be giving a presentation about Sew Powerful.  I was inspired by the program and excited that something as simple as making a purse could make a tangible difference in a girl’s life!

Two years earlier I had won a sewing machine at the Washington State Fair and had decided to donate it somewhere meaningful.  It had been generously donated by Quality Sewing and Vacuum.  I had recently bought a machine from them plus had accumulated several machines over the years and did need another one.  So I simply prayed and asked God to show me who I could give it to.  Two years later God led me to that Sunday morning service where I learned of Sew Powerful.  I was touched and amazed by the program and wondered if this was where the sewing machine should go.

After the service I asked Cinnamon if they could use a sewing machine.  She asked me a bit about it.  When she heard it was a new Baby Lock sewing machine she told me they had been planning to buy a Baby Lock machine in the next couple days.  It would be used to promote their fall internet event they were hosting that very week!  I was thrilled! In His perfect timing, God blessed me, the Sew Powerful ministry and the person who won the machine. To God be the Glory!

That was a couple years ago.  I did not get around to making any purses right away, but did tell others about this amazing ministry.  In the process of telling folks, I met a woman who has made 42 so far!  I decided if she had time, then so did I.  I love to sew and each purse is an opportunity to play with color, fabrics and fun embellishing ideas.  Like I said in the beginning, making these purses is pure joy.

Psalm 27:14:  Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

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