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Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today

Sharing My Gifts With Ngombe

Christine Fellin

Somerville, NJ

I had been making doll clothes for my granddaughter's American Girl doll and searching the internet for patterns. In August 2016 I ran across Sew Powerful through the Pixie Faire site where I download free doll clothes patterns. I was visiting my daughter near Boston, where I was helping her move into her first house when I found Sew Powerful. Sewing purses for girls to help them stay in school and get an education -what a terrific project for me.

I enjoy sewing and have sewn since childhood. My children are grown and I am getting into quilting. But sewing purses as a mission touched me. I could use my sewing skills to keep girls in school. My mom was a math teacher and had a real love of seeing kids "get it" when the light bulb goes on and it finally makes sense to them. The fact that I have lots of fabric was also a winning part of the equation - I can sew through my fabrics in a useful and purposeful way. It is a win-win situation. The purse pattern is not complex, but I admit to having to watch the video as I sewed the first few purses. I enjoy using all different colors and prints and even denim from old jeans I have saved for projects. I was more of an "it should all match" type of person, but I have loosened up. And I like writing encouraging notes to the girls. Watching the last unboxing party it was mentioned that the notes should not be written in cursive, but printed. Oops, now I know that.

Some people have asked me why do the purses get sent so far away, and I say because there is a great need, and this is a way for me to help around the world. I have sewn purses during my quilt guild's summer Sew-In days, and several women have commented on how nice the purses are and so complex, but no one has taken on the project for themselves, yet. Over the years I have sewn costumes for Halloween, school plays, and church pageants; sewn clothes for my family, a coat for my dog (!), cushions and curtains for my home. But partnering with Sew Powerful is my mission; I can help. I want to help and be part of a cause for good. I believe sewing is a gift that I am happy to share, and Sew Powerful is a super way for me to use my sewing skills for the Lord. I enjoy watching the unboxing parties online and enjoy seeing how so many others have been touched to take part in making purses. And yes, seeing the box I sent and hearing my name announced is good for my ego. That the mission now includes soapmaking and farming is exciting, but not the coffee- I am part of a tea-drinking family! I was very interested to read the Sew Powerful book and see how the Lord worked in Jason and Cinnamon's lives to pull so many pieces together to develop and start the ministry that is now Sew Powerful. I realize I don't have to do big and great things for God, but do what I know how to do-SEW- and that serves as my ministry. Thanks, Cinnamon and Jason for letting me partner with you for good for the girls in Ngombe Needs Care School.

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