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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 Sew Powerful Purse Distribution

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 Sew Powerful Purse Distribution

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It’s the United Nations Menstrual Hygiene Day. A perfect day to bless girls and women in need. The Sew Powerful Purse Team was hard at work today (May 28, 2018) distributing 1,526 purses and working directly with 763 girls from 12 school in Ngombe Compound/Lusaka Zambia.

But these are not handouts, these are purposeful products – designed to help an entire community do well by doing good!

Soap Makers: The Soap Cooperative has been making the soap that goes into the purses for several months. They are paid for their work.

Seamstresses: The Sewing Cooperative has been working for months to make the reusable hygiene Pads. They are paid for their work. Together these two teams packed each purse with 2 sets of reusable hygiene pads, 2 pair of underwear, a bar of soap, and a personal encouragement card written by the purse maker.

Teachers: Then, teachers from 12 area schools brought their students to Needs Care School for health training.

Students: The girls learned about how to care for themselves, their rights, and most importantly, took the Sew Powerful Pledge – to stay in school all month, even on their period. They also take a second purse so that they can bless a member of their household, usually their sister, auntie, or mom. In this way, they pass on what they learn and become an advocate for the program!

Donors: The purse makers from around the world worked hard (usually 2 hours for each purse) to make this possible. They also give financially in support of the program.

Our Program Director, Esther MKandawire said,

“This was an amazing day – and we are so thankful for the generous support of the purse makers from around the world. The girls were so excited. The Q&A time lasted almost all day. It just kept going and going and we didn’t want to stop. These girls and their households have been greatly helped thanks to your hard work”.

We’d like to extend a huge “Thank You” to every donor and purse maker that made this possible. Let us know if you spot your purse … and do us a huge favor and “Like, Love, Comment or Share” these photos to help us spread the word!

Together we are Sew Powerful!

Jason, Cinnamon, Esther & the entire Sew Powerful Team

See the pictures here:

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