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Soap Miracle Update 2

Soap Miracle Update 2

In Case You Missed The Soap Miracle Article or Soap Miracle Update One – be sure to check them out!

Hi friends,

We’re thrilled to share another fun update from the new soap team in Lusaka. If you missed our prior articles on this topic, please be sure to check them out (links above).

The latest update:

  1. The team has gotten some new forms and tools to help better shape the soap.Check out the pictures included below.
  2. They are refining their process related to drying times – to make sure it is cured for optimal use for washing cloth items.
  3. The team is actively looking for new and larger facility (a longer-term home for the soap team).

We’d like to extend a huge “Thank You” to each of the donors that helped make this possible. The soap being made is going to directly help improve the lives of the women and children in Ngombe Compound via the Sew Powerful Purse program (and general distribution through the program objectives previously shared).

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