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How Could I Not Help?

How Could I Not Help?

By Peggy Carlson

I grew up in a family of nine. My mother died in childbirth, but our baby brother lived. We stayed together, taking care of Timmy until my father died of heart failure at age of 42. That was three years after my mom died. We were poor. I remember putting cardboard in the inside of my good shoes because they had holes in the bottoms.

Our mother was a candy maker, which supplied us with food and Christmas gifts every year. We did not know we were poor. Mom taught us all to be responsible and share the work and do a good job. I make doll clothes for the Salvation Army almost every year with a doll (which has to be 18 inches) with a wardrobe, because in spite of being poor, I was never without what I really needed.

Upon reading about those little girls needing purses for their unmentionables so that they could go to school, it really struck a chord in my heart, which I could help by making purses to send.

Knowing that Liberty Jane, along with World Vision, was willing to send sewing machines and even go there despite the perils to their lives; knowing that mothers could learn skills and support their families by sewing; how could I not help?

The truth is that many of my family members suffered at the hands of relatives, and it was kept secret. I know some of these girls probably have been bruised and battered themselves. I also know that only Jesus can show us how to forgive, how to move forward. That spirit within me says to do this. I have told my four sisters about Sew Powerful, and only one so far is helping; but in my heart I know they will help in time.

I can’t go on a mission field, but I can be part of the missionary help from home. That is what God has chosen for me. Thank you for this blessing, and I will continue to sew for Sew Powerful and spread the word!


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