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Half Way Out Of Poverty

Half Way Out Of Poverty

Lots of women in poverty know how to sew.

They’ve learned the trade skill from their mothers or grandmothers. Usually without a sewing machine.

They might not even know it – but they’re half way out of poverty. They’ve got the sewing skills – but they also need the tools and resources to create a small business out of it. Some of it is the machines, some of it is the fabric, some of it is the sales training.

One exciting example we recently heard about is from the city of Kamishly, Syria.

The Jinishian Memorial program (a Presbyterian Mission Agency focused on combating poverty) began working with young women who were forced to drop out of school at an early age.

The young Syrian women told JMP that they had sewing skills but lacked equipment and a market to sell their goods.

Together with JMP they developed a program and escaped poverty.

How did they do it?

  • The women were trained in the latest sewing techniques and pattern designs.
  • They were given a loan to purchase the equipment they needed.
  • They also found their market in sewing choir robes and school uniforms.

After six months the women were able to repay the Jinishian Memorial program for the sewing equipment in full.

They were also able to provide an income for themselves. As time progressed, they were increasingly capable of contributing to their family’s education, health care, and overall welfare.

They didn’t need a handout. They were already half way there. They just needed a bit of technical guidance.

This is just one example of how sewing can transform lives.

Giving women the resources necessary to begin the journey out of poverty is what Sew Powerful is all about. This isn’t charity – it’s serious business.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Jason & Cinnamon Miles

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