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Store Events With Baby Lock!

A Simple In-Store Event That Changes Lives!




Quick Overview

How Your Store Can Participate In A Life-Changing Mission

Hi Baby Lock retailers! We could really use your help! Our purse project creates the perfect packaging for the reusable feminine hygiene supplies that are distributed to girls in health class. By conducting an in-store event, you can help your customers make a difference. Here is how you can help: Get the pattern and learn more. We have group resources available as well as a purse makers instructional video.
Sew Powerful Contacts: To connect with us personally, feel free to email or, we are happy connect. To see our regional coordinators list, click here.
More About Our Program
The Sew Powerful Purse program helps girls get feminine hygiene supplies to stay in school all month saving them six weeks of school on average. It also supports seamstresses in Lusaka Zambia with training and good paying jobs. The Zambian team makes purposeful products (school uniforms, reusable feminine hygiene product, soap and farm fresh food) all designed to help kids stay in school. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How Long Does It Take To Sew The Beginner Purse? 
A: Generally less than an hour, depending on the speed of the sewist. 
Q: Are Any Specific Fabric Choices Better Than Others?
A: Any type of material or print is fine. The girls enjoy vibrant, interesting purses. If you use quilting cotton, consider using a stabilizer product.
Q: Where Do We Send The Purses When Finished?
A: Here is the United States mailing address:
Here is the Canada mailing address:
Q: Can We Use Your Logo & Photos On Our Site & Handouts?
A: Yes - You have our permission to use our logo, photos, videos, and related information for promotional purposes related to these events.
Q: How Do We Learn More About The Program Details?
A: We have a full purse program page here with lots of content. 
Q: How Do The Purses Get To Zambia? 
A: Our program partner, World Vision, coordinates shipping for us, so we don't have to pay for it from our program budget.
Q: What Is The $5 That Is Requested Used For?
A: It costs roughly $4.92 to purchase the materials and pay the labor to fill a purse with the supplies. So we ask purse makers to help us under-write that part of the program. This enables the moms in Lusaka to have jobs and do well by doing good.
Q: How Big Is This Program? 
A: We started in 2014 by collecting 503 purses. Our goal for 2019 is 12,500 and our goal for 2020 is 20,020. The purses are distributed in over 30 school in Zambia. We receive purses from around the world.
Q: Tell Us More About Sew Powerful.
A: We are a Washington State 501C3 Charitable Organization. Founded by Jason & Cinnamon Miles, the entrepreneurs behind and . Because the majority of administrative expenses are covered by their company - the charity has an extremely low overhead rate. In 2018 it was 4.3%. We have zero administrative staffing costs. Zero facilities cost. And do our best to eliminate or reduce as many expenses as possible so that donor dollars go right to the program in Zambia. 
Q: What Else Does Sew Powerful Do? 
A: We also have a soap team and a farm, both designed to create "Purposeful Products" to help the children in our program with their academic success. Additionally, we work closely to support the school staff where our program is located.
Q: Can We Contribute Larger Gifts, Materials, or Machines?
A: We'd love your support. For cash giving, visit our donation page. To inquire about gifts of fabric, machines, or other resources, contact us at