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Lets Say G'Day Mate to Kylie Gersekowski

Kylie Gersekowski may be in Australia but she had a vision that Sew Powerful would need her talents globally. And she sure was right. As the founder and original member of the Sew Powerful Purse Project on Facebook

Meet Pat Quigley

Meet Pat Quigley, a retired nurse with a passion for helping others. Whether she is on a medical mission trip with her church, making quilts for animals affected by natural disasters

Getting to Know Natalie Wellman

With a degree in Fashion and Merchandising, it is no surprise that Natalie Wellman was instantly drawn to Sew Powerful back in 2015.

Introduction to The East Los Angeles Stitchers with Gloria Molina

Listen as the founder and dedicated members of TELAS (The East Los Angeles Stitcher) share how their organization came to be and the passion they have for Sew Powerful.

A Sew Powerful Night Before Christmas, 2020 with Jan Cancila

2020 was quite the year. In this nod to Clement Moore's original ''Twas Night Before Christmas', Jan Cancila takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of 2020

Meet Blogger Daryl Perry of Patchouli Moon Studio

Our first guest of the 2021 season is Daryl Perry of Patchouli Moon Studio. Daryl is an enthusiastic blogger who recently discovered Sew Powerful. With a history in the textile arts,

Meet Betty Johnson

Betty Johnson is one of the newest purse makers to join the ranks of the Sew Powerful Regional Coordinators. Betty finds inspiration from Sew Powerful in the way that lives are changed for schoolgirls

Great Britain for Sew Powerful with Sandy Simm

Meet Sandy Simm, the Sew Powerful UK Regional Coordinator, as she extols the dedication and contributions of Team UK.

Stitchin' with a Mission with Maryann Gubala

This episode will inspire you the next time you sit at your sewing machine, work at your craft table or even cook your signature meal.

Texas PinPals are on a Mission with Rose Turner

More than 25 years ago Rose Turner and 5 others started the Texas PinPals. This charity serves the North Dallas area by providing underprivileged children with a wonderful Christmas experience.