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We are Sew Thankful with Jason and Cinnamon Miles

For Thanksgiving 2020, we catch up with Jason and Cinnamon Miles and find out what makes them thankful about this year.

Get to Know Kathleen Broadfoot

In this episode we get to know Kathleen Broadfoot. Kathleen's degree in textiles and clothing from Indiana State University has served her well in her many contributions to Sew Powerful.

Meet Mary Inchauste: Architect, Mom and Sew Powerful Purse Maker

Mary Inchauste is an architect with a unique design aesthetic. In today's podcast, Mary shares the life challenges that made her appreciate education as the pathway to success.

My Journey with Cancer with Shirley Utz

In this special episode, we talk with Shirley Utz, the social media Regional Coordinator for Sew Powerful. Shirley shares her passion for Sew Powerful,

The 3 Esthers Farm with David Derr

A series of seemingly chance encounters brought David Derr to purchase land in Zambia, partner with Sew Powerful to benefit the families of the Needs Care School

So Fiddly but Perhaps Worth It with Donna Moscinski

"Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach."

Changing a Girl's Life One Purse at a Time with Ginny Buckley

Pour yourself a nice cup of tea and sit back and listen as one of our British volunteers, Ginny Buckley, shares her life in Yatton, England.

Introduction to Sew Houston with Yolanda Stiger

Meet a businesswoman with a modern sewing company who takes life in stride. Yolanda Stiger was a middle school teacher who discovered students and teachers alike were hungry to learn to sew.

How Life Long Best Friends Found Each Other & Sew Powerful with Linda Reid Faught and Jan Cancila

This co-hosted episode takes you on a 65-year journey of friendship, sewing, travel and finally re-uniting through Sew Powerful.

Top10 Most Popular Podcasts in 2020

This week we switch things up a bit by looking back at our most popular podcasts. Without revealing who made the list, we can hint that we had international guests