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Pre-Enroll In The Sew-A-Thon Today

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A Passion for Africa with Shirley Utz

From the time she was a teen, Shirley Utz has had a passion for Africa. In this episode we travel with Shirley to places like Tanzania, South Africa and of course, Zambia.

Our Burning House with Christina Porter

A type-A, CEO with little time for giving, Christina Porter finds herself and her family in a totally different state of mind after a devastating fire destroys her home

Introducing Evy Hawkins and A Bit of Stitch

When your guest answers 'anything about the goodness of life inspires me,' you know you are in for a treat. Evy Hawkins is the owner of A Bit of Stitch.

Meet Volunteer #1 with Leslie Unruh

Meet Sew Powerful's volunteer #1. Leslie Unruh unwittingly helped create the model for the way volunteers support Sew Powerful. Leslie shares the early days as the first volunteer to the role she plays in the expanded organization today.

Help Wanted with Jason Miles

Sew Powerful co-Founder, Jason Miles discusses the ways volunteers serve the organization. Whether you sew or not, if the mission of Sew Powerful touches your heart.

The Sew Powerful Values with Sue Kirby

As VP of Volunteers and CFO for Sew Powerful, Sue Kirby takes the core values of Sew Powerful to heart. Her dedication to Sew Powerful is tied directly to how this value driven organization works.

Introduction to Sew Powerful with Jason and Cinnamon

In our inaugural episode we introduce you to Sew Powerful: what it is, how it came to be, what it looked like in the beginning and how and why it has grown to what it is today.

Get to Know Jason and Cinnamon Miles

We continue our discussion about life in the Ngombe compound and the role Sew Powerful plays there. Plus, we get to know the Sew Powerful co-founders, Jason and Cinnamon Miles.

Why A Purse with Cinnamon Miles

Sew Powerful co-founder, Cinnamon Miles shares how a purse became a symbol of hope and love. Cinnamon has firsthand experience witnessing the joy the recipients feel when receiving this treasured gift.