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Meet The Seamstresses

Meet The Seamstresses

We are working hard to educate the population of Ngombe Compound in Lusaka Zambia about COVID-19. We invite you to watch our updates and learn more about our relief efforts. We would love your prayer and financial support. About Sew Powerful:We’ve been serving alongside the Needs Care School for over a decade. As an all-volunteer organization, we value frugality and efficiency. Our overhead rate in 2019 was just 4.4%.



Project Updates

Update Video 7, 4/17/20

Update Video 6, 4/13/20

Update Video 5, 4/05/20

Update Video 4, 4/01/20

Update Video 3, 4/01/20

Update Video 2, 3/31/20

Update Video 1, 3/28/20