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Join Our 30 Day iSEWlation Challenge!

Thank You For Joining Us From March 20th To April 18th!

We had an amazing time during our iSEWlation Challenge! The activities can still be seen on our Facebook Page as well as our blog. If you haven't ever gotten the free purse patterns, download them here.

To make this fun we will have a free sewing course for beginners (The Sewing Academy)! So if you have a child or grandchild that doesn't know how to sew - and you're intimidated about teaching them - this will be a perfect resource. Daily tips and inspiration for intermediate purse makers. A Daily "Get-To-Know Us" video straight from Zambia. This will allow you to actually see the real people who you are helping by supporting Sew Powerful. Challenges & contest with fun prizes!


Join Us On Facebook From March 20th to April 18th For Daily Updates

Let's come together to change lives during this challenging time! We are asking for your help to make a purse and change a life in the next 30 Days. Be sure to check back here throughout the challenge for updates. All the fun will be happening on our Facebook Page.

How You Can Help Spread The Word

  1. Follow us on Facebook and share the daily content from March 20th to April 18th.
  2. If you make a purse, share it on social media and use the hashtag #isewlationchallenge and #sewpowerfulpurse.
  3. Invite 10 of your friends to join the challenge with you. We need 10,000 purses by mid-year to stay on track for our 2020 goal. 10 for 10!
  4. If you have a guild, home-school group, church, or other social group that you think would be interested in supporting the effort - please let them know about it - forward this email to them right now.
  5. If you are a leader and want to connect with us directly about how you can get involved, feel free to email me at

Corporate Sponsors Welcomed

If you're a corporate executive in the sewing or fashion industry and you'd like to sponsor this challenge, it's not too late. We will have four pillar contests, plus many smaller opportunities for inclusion. Simply email us at to learn how you can become a promotional partner. This campaign will be shared with over 120,000 seamstresses - so let's partner together to make a difference and feature your brand in the process.

Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors

Pixie Faire
Renaissance Ribbons
Baby Lock
Threads Magazine
Quality Sewing
A Bit Of Stitch
Stitch Buzz


Learn To Sew With Cinnamon - Free Course

Learn To Sew With Cinnamon - Free Course

The Sewing Academy is our video-based training program that gives you in-depth information on the tools, techniques, and tips you need to begin sewing quickly and easily. As a student, you receive access to all the videos immediately and you can learn at your own pace.




Use The Hashtag #isewlationchallenge or #sewpowerfulpurse And Share Your Work

We'd love to feature your work and the simplest way to do that is to share it with us using Instagram - if you're not familiar with how to use it, now is a great time to learn. Simply add your photo of your purse and in the description add #isewlationchallenge and #sewpowerfulpurse. You can do it!