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Find A Chapter Near You FAQs

Q. What should I enter in the ‘Current Location’ field above the map?

A. Enter your home address, your zip or postal code, your city or anyplace you would like to see on the map. Typically, that would be in an area where you would like to find a Chapter.

Q. The map is small. I don’t see any Chapters near me.

A. On your desktop or laptop find the small white square button in the upper right corner of the map. Click on it to toggle the map on or off in full screen view. Then use the + or – buttons in the lower right to zoom in or out until you see red or green pins representing Chapter locations. On your mobile device use the normal pinch/zoom to see more or less of the map.

Q. I see the red and green pins, but none of the Chapters are close to me. What should I do?

A. Because Chapters are relatively new to Sew Powerful, we don’t have Chapters everywhere…yet! We need people to lead small groups of local friends to form Chapters. If you would like more information about forming your own Chapter, CLICK HERE.

Q. What is the difference between Red and Green pins on the map?

A. Green pins represent the general locations where registered Sew Powerful Chapters exist. These Chapters are holding meetings, making purses and building friendships. Red pins are locations where Chapter formation is still in the planning stage. We call these ‘Potential’ Chapters.

Q. When I click on a pin, I see more information about the Chapter. What happens if I click on ‘Express Your Interest Here’?

A. You will be redirected to a form that will ask for your basic contact information. When you hit the Submit button, Sew Powerful will forward your contact information to the Chapter Leader for the location you select. Even if the Chapter is only in the planning stage, your interest will encourage that Potential Chapter Leader to take the next steps in officially becoming a Sew Powerful Chapter.

Q. What does it cost to join a Sew Powerful Chapter?

A. There are no dues or fees. However, just as an individual purse maker may purchase fabric, pay for shipping, and make an optional contribution to cover the cost of the labor and materials to fill the purse, the same applies to members of Chapters. But by pooling resources, sharing supplies, exchanging fabric, and even shipping your purses together, you may even save money.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions in general or want to offer suggestions?

A. Please email Jan Cancila at

To Go to the Chapter Locator Map, CLICK HERE