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A Vision Fulfilled in God’s Perfect Way

Verna - Colorado

When I was a little girl and asked the question, " what do you want to be when you grow up?"  My answer," I want an orphanage."  I always pictured a lot of girls in a foreign country. I could sew them dresses and do their hair and put ribbons in it.  As I got older, I would answer the same question with "I want 10 children."  By the time I was in my early 20's, I wanted 5.  I was married at 23, a year later had a miscarriage followed by a tough pregnancy and c-section producing a beautiful girl.   Two years later a repeat, this time producing a strapping boy. Without even being asked, 2 was enough.


I was a stay at home mom and put my sewing skills to work sewing for my family and then set up a business sewing for others.  I sewed for decorators making home furnishings and then custom sewing and then altering bridal gowns and evening wear. 


God has always been my boss starting and stopping the flow of business. So, at 60 when the phone rarely rang, I wondered what was next.  My sister called one day, newly retired and all excited. She had been looking for a way to volunteer from home. Did an internet search for sewing from home and the very first thing to pop up was Sew Powerful Purse project.  She said I already downloaded it and tried it! " It's easy peasy" she cried, "try it!"  Sew I did!  


It is now just over 2 years and we have expanded our group to sister-in-laws.  Our goal is to get together once a month for 3-4 days, sewing, cutting sharing fabric and just being in community.  We invite others to join us, teaching them what we've learned including teaching a workshop to a group of 13. We call ourselves the Colorado Sisters and just hit 1200 purses.  It's a win-win for all of us. Something meaningful to do with our time and talents, relational time with girlfriends and sisters and meeting a simple need of many girls in a faraway place.

I realized one day...I got my orphanage full of girls that I can sew for and love on (by writing a card to place in the purse) and I don't even need to leave home.


God is so good!

Thank You to Jason and Cinnamon and everyone from Sew Powerful!

We love everything about this ministry and are proud to be part of it!


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