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Finding Hope After Great Loss

Sharron Mitchell


My name is Sharron Mitchell and I have been making purses to sell for a couple of years. I have an online store and enjoy doing craft shows.

In 2018 my husband's health was deteriorating. He had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy 30 years ago. It's a degenerative heart condition that we knew would get progressively worse. We were spending a lot of time in Dr.'s offices with each specialist trying their best but his heart had simply deteriorated to the point of no return. He passed away in November of the same year.


While I was dealing with his health issues I spotted a Facebook post for Sew powerful and saw that they were looking for sewist to make these cute crossbody bags for young women in Zambia who desperately needed them. These are high school girls who have so little, beautiful young women that this organization is trying to help.

 Each girl is given sanitary supplies that are loaded into each bag by volunteers so that they can stay in school and get an education. Sounds so simple, but these girls were missing a few days of school every month. Without an education, the prospects for their future look pretty bleak.


Sew powerful helps these girls and their communities in so many ways. I could do nothing about my life but I could help a girl in desperate need in Africa. I joined the group and got to know a bunch of passionate, dedicated and talented people who strive to improve the lives of others. Being part of the Sew powerful organization has made a big difference in my life. Everyone in this group is supportive and positive and I've enjoyed interacting with and getting to know the other sewist. We exchange ideas, try out creative touches. The work is fun and purposeful. I love being a part of such a wonderful group.



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