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Developing the Farm in 2019

Developing the Farm in 2019

Back in the early 1980’s, I spent most of one summer on my grandparents’ farm in northern Minnesota. For a city boy from Maryland, driving my grandpa’s big tractor and helping him till and plant the soil was an unforgettable experience. I can still picture it today! 

Over the years, as our family has returned often to beautiful MN, I have heard many stories of how hard life was for my grandparents who lived humbly for many years, especially after World War II. I have seen many pictures from their early years of farming with only the most basic tools. Quite a contrast to today’s modern farming equipment and techniques. 

So the picture below, from last month’s planting at Three Esthers Farm in Zambia, really took me back to my youth. Oxen and cattle pulling the plow to break up the ground and get it ready. This is how my grandpa plowed his fields 75 years ago!

One of the reasons this picture means so much to me today is that it reminds me how hard life still is in some parts of the world, including Zambia. With your help, we are developing Three Esthers Farm and getting food like tomatoes, corn, and cabbage to the families who are part of the Ngombe Needs Care Center BUT it is hard, manual work! Farming in Zambia today, especially on small farms like Three Esthers Farm, is still a very manual effort with only the most basic tools and materials. 

And yet, we are making good progress developing the farm, and 2019 is off to a very exciting start. Here is what is happening:

  • We've got another maize crop in the ground.
  • A healthy cabbage crop is growing. 
  • We are starting a banana tree project that with hundreds of trees! 
  • We are starting our first small chicken program.

As you can see from the picture below, the cabbages are off to a great start! Well done Nicholas and the entire farm team!

Friends, thank you for continuing to pray for and support Three Esthers Farm. If you'd like to begin giving, you can sign-up here. With God’s blessing and our partnership with friends around the world, we are continuing to provide life-sustaining nutritious food to children and families who often live on only a few dollars a day. Thank you for helping to make this possible! 

David Derr & the entire 3 Esthers Farm Team!

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