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3 Esthers Farms Update

3 Esthers Farms Update

This spring at the 3 Esthers Farm we are talking about three of my favorite words….

Praise #1 - The farm now has electrical power! After a long wait of over 2 years to get everything connected, the power is now ON! And just in time. This year’s rains have been sparse so far and more water from the well is needed for watering the vegetable garden and the new banana plantation. Thankfully, electrical power will immediately increase the farm’s irrigation capacity because we won’t have to rely on an expensive portable generator to run the well pump. Thank you Lord!

Praise #2 – The chicken project is off to a great start. The first batch of chickens are almost ready to “graduate” and head off to the local market. And a second batch is just a few weeks behind. Raising chickens is new for our farm team and they have done a great job learning some new skills. Well done Nicholas and Lilian! 

Prayer Items – Esther asked that we all pray for successful harvests and continued success so we can feed more children more often. Additionally, please pray that the chickens bring a good price in the market as they are sold in the coming weeks to fund more farm projects. 

Overall, it’s been another very productive and fruitful month on the farm. Thank you again for your prayers and support which are helping to make all of this possible. Let’s keep it up! 

More About The Farm: If you're wondering why we are so excited about the farm and the mission of feeding the hungry kids of Lusaka, Learn about it here.

Blessings to you all,
David Derr

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