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1st Crop Ready For Harvest

1st Crop Ready For Harvest

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update from Esther,

“The Soya Beans are almost ready – faster than we expected. The seed covers are looking dry meaning that we need to start preparing for our first harvest in the days to come. Everybody at the Needs Care School is so anxious to see the harvest of the Soya beans, the children are so excited for this – they have developed an interest in the farm so much that every time I go out they ask, if I am going to the farm, and some have been asking to accompany me. Every time I arrive they ask me how the farm is doing, what I had gone to do that day, and a lot more questions concerning the farm progress. It has been so surprising to me because some of the children who ask me are very young, and I don’t even know how they knew about the farm project.”

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